BABEL OF LOVE / Julien Saglio

15 a 21 Janeiro 2007

Percurso artístico de Julien Saglio
Imagined form that interacts with object, context, and target groups of people is a star ting point for most of my work. As a resident artist in the cultural center Mains d'Oeuvres (2003­/2005) near Paris I realised performance with participations of groups of people. The exhibition "Centrifugeuse" around the idea of using the motor ring as structure for a video experiment. The project was based on a time for visit and observation of different sites after what were organised performances connected to an exhibition. In 2003, I was invited by the school of fine­ art of Rueil ­Malmaison(France) to produce a new video project (sortie) inspired by the research of Edward T. Hall and the sociologist Erving Goffman. Latter I developed this project in Budapest (Cso). In 2006 I developed the project Order that follow this investigation about groups and social experiment. In 2004 I realised "armoured microphone" for "art grandeur nature" the biennale of contemporary art of Seine ­Saint ­Denis, devices which invite the public to reconsider its lived in the city starting from the experimentation of a new situation between game and real experimentation.

Sexta-feira 12 de Janeiro, às 22h30, Julien Saglio apresenta "Chant" n' a Sala Rua do Bonjardim, 235 2º.